Offshore Incorporation Agents are Absolutely Important

The primary role of the offshore incorporation agent is to carry out all necessary legal procedures on behalf of the customer so that the offshore company can be incorporated. Offshore incorporation agents are required to possess the relevant and sufficient resources in order to provide international business services efficiently and professionally. This is absolutely important, as offshore customers are internationally based and solely depend on telecommunication to communicate with offshore incorporation agents. Accessing or subscribing to web based or affordable telecommunications services provide an economical means for customers to whom it would mean making a local call even when contacting incorporation agents offshore. Such affordable web based telephone and chat services are widely available since they are widely subscribed to by millions of users throughout the world. Dependable and quick email facilities are equally important since they are free of charge as well and makes it possible to upload documents. Calling provides a way in which customers can speak directly with offshore incorporation agents while email makes it possible to ask detailed questions. The role of offshore incorporation agents is to ensure that offshore companies are registered and incorporated accordingly.

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Licensing is essential. Offshore incorporation agents are not fly by night entities or companies and can only be government appointed to be offer service providers. There are strict requirements for licensing as an offshore incorporation agent and rules governing the manner in which offshore services should be carried out and the procedures that must be followed in doing business with any customer. Offshore incorporation agents are required to pay the necessary fees for licensing and licenses are renewable regularly, therefore making governments fees and other due on a regularly basis, usually annually.

The support services of offshore incorporation agents are an important aspect of offshore services. In addition to registered agent services, offshore incorporation agents provide registered office which every offshore company is required to have. In some jurisdictions where registered office is not a requirement, a resident secretary must be appointed, and usually performs the role of registered office in addition to other duties or services that may be carried out in accordance with the respective laws and regulations. In order to have a specific address to which electronic mails and post are sent to, the registered office address can be used to receive mail. Through mail forwarding services, incorporating agents offshore make it possible for offshore companies to receive such mail by having them posted and emails forwarded when received. This service comes with an additional fee but is usually not obligatory, since offshore companies can opt to receive such mail at any other address including their place of business as any normal business would. To renew registration, which most jurisdictions require be done annually, offshore companies are required to contact their incorporation agents offshore so that the necessary fee can be paid to the government authorities on behalf of the offshore company. Changes to the offshore company’s constitution in terms of appointing new director or dismissing, changing the share capital by transfers, new acquisitions, modification of the capital structure etcetera, must be communicated to the offshore incorporation agent so that all corresponding legal documents can be prepared and issued by the registrar.

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