Special Company, Offshore Incorporations Limited, Offshore LLC

Some of the characteristics of an offshore incorporate limited include the following:


  • An offshore incorporated limited can be registered under any name of choice as long as that name is in keeping with legal requirements.
    • An offshore incorporated limited can trade in any country globally but is required to operate in accordance with the laws of the said country and must not engage in any illegal activity.
    • Annual reports and records must be prepared but are not required to be filed in the country where the offshore incorporated limited is registered. Bu these records must be prepared and made available if for any reason requested by the jurisdiction.
    • Usually, only one share is needed to incorporate and offshore incorporated limited. Some jurisdictions stipulate the minimum share capital that an offshore incorporated limited can have but there is no maximum limited put on the share capital of any incorporated offshore limited.
    • An offshore incorporated limited can be incorporated with a single member. Members are not required to be in the jurisdiction since the agents take on the role of the first directors and shareholders of the offshore incorporated by subscribing to the first share of the company. Legal and share ownership is legally transferred to the beneficial owner(s) of the offshore incorporated company once the offshore company has been duly registered and incorporated. The director(s) of a limited incorporated offshore can be the shareholder(s) as well.
    • A wide variety of shares can be issued by the offshore incorporated limited.

Second Citizenship

If interested in having dual nationality or finding out how you, your business or family can be benefited, our experienced staff is here to assist. For information on how to apply simply contact us. Information will include second citizenship requirements and application procedures. Offshore incorporation can be complemented by this measures including tax planning in order to safely plan future finances.

International Business

Offshore incorporated limited is a special company used and designed as an international business company to trade globally. An offshore incorporate limited can engage in almost any type or line of business provided that all ventures, transactions and trade commodities are legal.

Offshore Banking

Offshore banking facilitates the business of the offshore incorporated limited. Offshore banks are specially designed for international business and therefore provide an effective means for making and receiving payments, transferring funds, investing in international securities markets and foreign exchange. Offshore banks cater to high net worth individuals with offshore incorporated limited companies and provide expert advice, consultancy and support services. This is called offshore private banking and makes fiduciary facilities available to offshore incorporate limited companies. Wealth management, financial and succession planning, tax planning and equity investing are some of the services available to offshore incorporate limited companies that sign up and qualify for offshore private banking. Offshore bank accounts can be viewed at any time during the day and transactions involving international or internal transfer can be conducted. Offshore merchant accounts for offshore incorporation limited companies enable limited companies incorporated offshore to receive card payments from international customers and trading partners. Offshore merchant accounts come with multicurrency accounts just as all other business, corporate and saving s accounts for offshore limited companies.


Offshore companies are protected by privacy laws that prohibit information sharing with anyone in contravention with the legal requirements established under the laws for offshore companies.

Tax Efficiency

Offshore incorporated limited is exempt from all taxes in the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated and registered.

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